Touring Austin & Law School Announcment

Hello all! I'm so excited to share my fourth of July adventures with you! This past weekend I went to Austin, Tx with two of my best friends from high school. We spent our Spring Break Freshman year of college in Austin, so it seemed fitting that we should reunite after we graduated for another ATX adventure. My friend Nori has lived in Austin for the past four years now and knew exactly where to find the best fun.

One of the first things we did was to visit the Graffiti Park. Basically the park is made up of a bunch of concrete walls that form a massive stairway up a hill. The best thing about this park is that anyone can leave their touch on the walls. So if you're feeling especially artistic bring some spray paint and have at it! The next best thing is that since this park is open to the creative public, it's always changing. You never know what cool things you'll see and it's fun to watch the images layer over one another. I'd definitely recommend climbing to the top of the park so you can see the Austin skyline. Pro tip: You can climb up the sides of the park right next to the walls, but it's rather steep and if you've got a nice camera it can be rather precarious. However, there is a more gradual trail you can walk up that's a little further to the right by the trash bin. It's much much easier to climb up and down this way as opposed to the other trails.


After the Graffiti Park we headed over to Counter Culture for brunch. Oh. My. God. I'd been to Counter Culture once before whenever I visited Austin back in March. On that trip I got their Beet and Walnut Burger and their divine cheese platter as an appetizer. But as my avid readers know by now, brunch is like my most favorite thing ever, and the brunch at Counter Culture did not disappoint. We started off with some Strawberry Lemonade Mimosas. Let me repeat that: Strawberry. Lemonade. Mimosas. Everything you love about summertime in a glass, or a pitcher if your real thirsty. Then all three of us girls got the Country Biscuit Bowl. Jewel and I got ours without the jalapeños, but Nori braved the spice. The bowl was beyond delicious. Imagine a bowl filled with gravy with chunks of vegan sausage and biscuits. Nom right? Everything about this dish was to die for. I found it was still decently spicy even without the jalapeños, so if you prefer mild spiciness you should be fine. If you really really don't like spice you may want to pass on this dish. My friend Jewel really enjoyed it, but even without the jalapeños she found it to be a little spicy for her liking. I was ok with that though since it meant I could eat her portion....

Even though we were all bursting at the seams from brunch we decided to take a short stroll down the road to Capital City Bakery. This fully vegan bakery has everything you need for adorable breakfast or special treat. They serve everything from cupcakes to kolaches and have several different kinds of tea and coffee available. The atmosphere of this space is darling and I definitely think it'll become my go to place for a date.

While we were in Austin we visited two different farmer's markets. One, hosted by Sustainable Food Center, was more centrally located to downtown and the other, Hope Farmer's Market, was in the Riverside neighborhood. Both markets had a variety of fresh fruits, veggies and other delicious treats. I got some pretty neat loose leaf tea, Jewel got some delicious vegan granola and Nori got some fresh veggies.

For our last meal out we went to Biscuits and Groovy, a food truck in the Hyde Park neighborhood. Now don't be deceived when you first look at the menu. Although it may look like a meaty cheese fest, everything on the menu can be made vegan. Just be sure to specify to the cashier that you would like the dish to be served vegan. I got the Gloria Gaynor Biscuits and loved it. Also be sure to grab a side of fresh OJ with your entree. 

So now for my super exciting announcement! As some of you know I've spent the past year applying to law school. The decision making process has been a total whirlwind. I was blessed enough to have gotten an offer from everywhere I applied which made decision making all the more difficult. I think I was secretly hoping that only one school would accept me and thus save me the hassle of actually making a decision, but as I've been reminded by so many people, having options is a good thing even if it means a little more work. Things got especially difficult when my husband was diagnosed with MRSA resulting from diabetic complications back in April then subsequently lost his job. I did much of my studying for finals and law school research from the hospital. Jake's condition has been rather unsteady. Every time we think he's getting better a new infection site pops up and has to be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately, new infections have just reemerged and he'll be seeing a disease specialist early next week to discuss further treatment options. Things are still unsure and scary but both of us are hopeful and determined to make the best of whatever situations arise. In the middle of all this chaos, I finally made my decision, and with the way things have magically lined up, I feel pretty confident it was the right one. So without further ado I'm happy to announce that this Fall I'll be attending the University of Texas for law school! I'll be moving in to Austin mid August. At this time we are unsure of whether or not Jake will be able to come with me to Austin immediately. He has a large team of doctors here in College Station that he meets with once to twice a week, so he may end up having to stay in College Station for a few additional months until the infection has cleared. We ask for your prayers and good thoughts during this time, and thank you all for your support and understanding. We are both so grateful.


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