Vegan "Cheesy" Enchiladas

So I'm a native Texan. Among other obsessions like Texas flags, Texas 4th of July, and Bigger is Better, I love Tex Mex.
Seriously. If you have never experienced Tex Mex, get on a plane right now. It's that important.
But Tex Mex is basically everything non vegan thrown in a beautiful and incredibly soft tortilla.
Lard, meat, chicken broth, bacon, cheese, milk, and even over easy eggs make up the most of this food group. Yes. Tex Mex is a food group. You will never convince me otherwise.

However, this recipe has none of those things! You get to experience the glory of Tex Mex while still remaining an animal friendly vegan :)


Fajita Seasoning
4 (or 5) tortillas (corn or flour)
1/2 cup diced onions
1/2 cup red pepper diced
1/3 cup green pepper diced
1 cup mushrooms thinly sliced
1/3 chopped spinach
1/2 can pinto beans (make sure to check the back of whatever brand you buy. Some, but not all, brands of pinto beans include bacon or animal fat of some sort)
1 tsp olive oil

"Cheesy Sauce"
1/4 vegetable oil
3/4 cup flour
2 3/4 almond milk
1/2 nutritional yeast
1 tbs salt

Sauce (optional)
1 can of diced roasted tomatoes blended or simply 1 can of roasted tomato sauce.


on medium heat cook onions in a large skillet with oil until the onions are translucent
add in all vegetables excluding spinach.
Sprinkle fajita seasoning throughout the stirfry
heat until veggies are thoroughly cooked
1 minute before removing veggies from heat, add in spinach.
Stir frequently

"Cheese Sauce"
 Pour oil into a medium sauce pan on medium heat
Slowly whisk in the flour. It should thicken quickly but remain smooth.
Add almond milk and nutritional yeast and salt. Whisk frequently
Turn heat to high.
Continue to stir until the sauce starts to come to a boil. The sauce should reach the consistency of queso at this point. If it has not then you can slowly whisk in more flour until it does.
Remove sauce from heat.

Heat oven to 400 
Spray a non stick substance into a round baking pan.
Fill each tortilla with beans and veggies.
Place each stuffed tortilla in the pan next to one another, but leave it open. You might have a little space between the last tortillas and the edges of the pan. You can either leave it empty or add another stuffed tortilla or two.
Pour a little bit of the "cheese"into each tortilla.
Add a little more fajita spice to each tortilla.
Fold the sides of each tortilla down.
You now have two options. You can either pour the rest of the cheesy sauce over the enchiladas and leave it at that. Option two: You can pour the tomato sauce over the enchiladas and pour just a little more cheese sauce over the middle of the enchiladas as a topper. I chose the later, but either way is good.
Finally sprinkle more fajita spice on the top before popping it into the oven!
Bake for 10 minutes.

I swear the cheese taste exactly like queso... which I love!

And then voila! Animal friendly Tex Mex awaits you :)


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