Creamy Vegan Potato, Leek and Kale soup

Here is yet another warm soup to keep your toes from freezing this winter! I love this soup because it is such an easy way to get some kale in your diet. Kale is an amazing super food with tons of vitamins and minerals, but its toughness and bitterness sometimes make it difficult to incorporate into foods. 
In this recipe you won't even notice the kale. If you puree the soup in a food processor or blender the kale with take on a parsley like consistency which goes perfectly with the rest of the creamy soup.

5 russet potatos
2 leeks (sliced into halfmoons)
3 cups of kale (sliced into smaller portions)
1/4 oil (I usually use vegetable)
1/2 cup flour
2 2/3 almond milk
1/3 nutritional yeast
1 tsp olive oil 
2 cups water

Cut your potatoes into about 1/2 inch chunks and then cook them in boiling water until they are soft 
~ about 20 minutes.
Once your potatoes are soft strain the liquid out and place the potatoes to the side.
In the mean time start mix your oil (not the tsp olive oil) and flour together in a medium sauce pan on medium heat. You should end up with a creamy sauce.
Now whisk in your almond milk and nutritional yeast.
Allow the sauce to come to a boil and then turn off the heat. It should start to thicken.
In a large pot on medium heat add olive oil and leeks. Cook leeks until tender.
Add kale. 
Wait until kale is thoroughly cooked then add your boiled potato chunks, 2 cups of water, and your sauce.
Cook for an additional 5 minutes or until soup is warm.
Puree soup in blender or food processor.

& voila!


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