Vegan Rum and Eggnog Cupcakes!

Well the holiday break has officially commenced!!! To seal the end of the semester, a few of my sorority sisters and I went to the midnight premiere of the second Hobbit film. Oh it was fantastic! Before heading to the theatre we enjoyed a lovely potluck together and watched the first film since a few of the girls still hadn't seen it. My favorite person in the world Valentina (also known as the lovely BakingFairy!) brought vegan eggnog cookies to the dinner. They were DIVINE as are all of her delicious creations! However, even after making the cookies, Valentina still had a little vegan eggnog left over which she decided to give to me!

Now I had vegan eggnog... and these wonderful cupcakes came about as a result!
You can find the recipe here at the wonderful blog of Got No Milk!


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