Gandalf the Grey Latte (aka Earl Grey Latte)

Top of the morning to ya internet friends! I am thrilled to share my first Middle Earth beverage with you all! One of my favorite characters in LOTR is Gandalf. He is such a remarkable character and I've always been interested in his personal history. One of the most admirable characteristics of Gandalf is that he gets sh** done. Sure, he may go about it in a kooky way but it all comes together in the end. The accessory and/or life force of many productive people is COFFEE. But Gandalf just doesn't strike me as a coffee kind of a guy. I think he's more of a tea guy - an Earl Grey guy to be specific. Some of you might already be familiar with the Earl Grey latte, also known as a London Fog latte. Most of the recipes I have seen online involve steeping your Earl Grey tea bags in warm milk. Now this method definitely works if you're short on time and don't have an concentrate prepared, but I find that it doesn't have as pronounced of a taste. I encountered this same problem when developing a Chai Tea recipe. I ended up deciding that using a tea concentrate would be the best solution. The concentrate provides the latte with a distinct and recognizable Earl Grey flavor without being bitter or overpowering. These lattes can be made either hot or cold depending on the weather and your preference.

Ingredients & Instructions
5 cups of water
5 tbsp of loose leaf Earl Grey tea or 5 tea bags
3 tbsp agave
1 tbsp raw cane sugar
Bring water to a boil and then stir in agave and raw cane sugar. Reduce heat to medium and add your tea bags or loose leaf tea. Allow the concentrate to simmer for 5 minutes and then strain out your tea leaves while preserving the liquid. Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

2-3 tbsp of Early Grey concentrate
1 cup of vanilla almond milk
Combine concentrate with almond milk. If you prefer a warm latte heat almond milk and froth prior to mixing with the concentrate. If you prefer an iced latte just pour the concentrate and cold almond milk over ice.

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  1. I agree with you. I think Gandalf is a tea guy. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for the recipe!


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